Connect To What Drives You

So many people and articles talking about New Years’ resolutions. It’s a veritable orgy of junk content all basically saying the same thing: start small, pick one thing, then crush it. As if it’s that simple. In 2018 I went through a bout of what I would consider “mild” depression. Mild because I have much … Read more

How To Make Small Changes For A Big Impact

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”Chinese Proverb Science has demonstrated that all things in the universe most likely started as a speck smaller than we can even really conceive. Then, in an instant, commonly referred to as the Big Bang, everything rapidly expanded outward, creating what is the currently … Read more

Overcome Writer’s Block: My “Writer’s Fiber” Formula

Just start typing. That’s what I often read when I search for ways to overcome writer’s block. Writer’s block. Such an interesting phrase, really. Could it be that there is really a double meaning to the use of “block”? Why not call it “writer’s constipation”? It’s really a better description, in my opinion. Maybe it’s … Read more

You Are Going To Die.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero. – The Narrator (Jack – Edward Norton) – Fight Club That’s right. We are all dying. I’m dying. You’re dying. Death as a Motivator I know that I will die, no matter what I do to try and prolong my life. That … Read more