Inspire Action, Not Fear

I’ve noticed a trend I find disturbing. I see article after article after article indicating that our planet is under extreme stress. Climate change is creating extreme weather, destroying coastlines, creating unfathomable drought, destroying ecosystems, and is a worldwide threat that will ultimately cause humanity’s extinction. Let me be clear, I believe climate change is … Read more

“Work-Life Balance” Misses the Point

The definition for balance illustrates something that, in the context of work-life balance, isn’t very helpful or fun to think about. Balance seems to represent attempts to keep from crashing or falling down. And the evidence suggests it’s causing more harm than good.

Connect To What Drives You

So many people and articles talking about New Years’ resolutions. It’s a veritable orgy of junk content all basically saying the same thing: start small, pick one thing, then crush it. As if it’s that simple. In 2018 I went through a bout of what I would consider “mild” depression. Mild because I have much … Read more

How To Make Small Changes For A Big Impact

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”Chinese Proverb Science has demonstrated that all things in the universe most likely started as a speck smaller than we can even really conceive. Then, in an instant, commonly referred to as the Big Bang, everything rapidly expanded outward, creating what is the currently … Read more

Not Being Noticed? Do Things Worth Noticing.

Feeling Small I recently made a conscious decision to form a new habit: to connect with more people both online and offline. I’ve always known that connections, social media and content production were important to my success. But, like many, I’ve always struggled with these things. As is typical in many stories you read about … Read more

Power Napping To Boost Productivity

I wake up early. I stay up late. On an average night, I sleep for about 5 or 6 hours. It is usually plenty for me. Though my recent run-in with Shingles might make some people believe otherwise. I normally wake up refreshed, energized, and ready to enjoy the day and its many adventures. Every … Read more