Leveraging the Power of Human Connections

Grief shared is only half grief; joy shared is double joy. – Honduran Proverb We humans are a social race. Yes, we value our independence, our solitude, our time to ourselves, and admittedly, there are some humans that thrive on being alone (the rest of us tend to call these people a hermit, anchorite, ascetic, … Read more

Expectations and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

When we are children, many of us have teachers, parents, or other adult influences in our lives. Many of us experience great positive influence from these relationships. Others, perhaps, not as much. What we are told as children, however, can have a dramatic impact on our future success. You Can Do Anything You Put Your … Read more

Dealing With Perfectionism

Nothing I do is perfect. There, I said it. It’s a tough admission, though. I’ve always wanted to make sure that the things I do are done perfectly. When I design web layouts for clients, or other artwork/collateral, I’m always very detail-oriented, making sure that the project is done perfectly down to the last pixel. … Read more

The Influence of Kind Words

As a young writer, one of the many things I find myself battling on a fairly regular basis is self-doubt. I doubt that anything I have to say is interesting to other people. I doubt that the words I type provide others with the desired effect. I want to inspire people to be great. I … Read more