Overcome Writer’s Block: My “Writer’s Fiber” Formula

Just start typing. Thatโ€™s what I often read when I search for ways to overcome writer’s block. Writer’s block. Such an interesting phrase, really. Could it be that there is really a double meaning to the use of “block”? Why not call it “writer’s constipation”? Itโ€™s really a better description, in my opinion. Maybe it’s … Read more

The Art of Follow-Up

All salespeople, especially successful ones, know that follow-up with a prospective client is one of the most important steps in the sales cycle. By the way, if you’re one of those people who runs a business and you’re still not convinced you’re main function is salesperson, you need a reality check, but I don’t want … Read more

1.2 Million Social Media “Experts”

Go do a search on Google for the term “social media expert” without the quotes and you’ll find that Google has indexed 83 million pages that it believes could be relevant to your search. Put the quotes back in and you’ll find that Google believes it has about 1.2 million pages that could be relevant. … Read more

The Joneses

I’ve got a nightly ritual. After I get done with finishing whatever it is I’m working on for the night, I go to the kitchen, open the pantry, look around, find nothing I really want, grab a glass from the cabinet, fill it with water, drink it down, head to the bathroom, brush my teeth, … Read more

Leveraging the Power of Human Connections

Grief shared is only half grief; joy shared is double joy. – Honduran Proverb We humans are a social race. Yes, we value our independence, our solitude, our time to ourselves, and admittedly, there are some humans that thrive on being alone (the rest of us tend to call these people a hermit, anchorite, ascetic, … Read more